Deltalok System Overview

The Deltalok System is a unique patented ecological engineering method developed to provide a permanent green solution for erosion and soil retention.

The Deltalok System is the only system that provides a vegetated face for slopes and walls in erosion control, slope repair, bank protection and earth retention applications. The Deltalok System is the only system of it’s kind that offers the strength of stone and concrete with the natural beauty (and environmental benefits) of a grassy bank, a field of flowers or even a forest scape.

Deltalok Geo-Modular Bag

The Deltalok System evolves bag work construction practices by combining an innovative and patented interlocking method with a vegetation sustainable Geo-Modular soil bag.

The Deltalok Geo-Modular ecology bag system provides mini eco-pockets between each row and each bag where rain water can accumulate and seeds can germinate and thrive on a horizontal surface.

Deltalok Geo-Modular Bag allows the root system to penetrate through the front and back layer of the ecology bag.


Deltalok Interlocking Plates

The Deltalok Interlocking Plates is placed between sand/soil filled Deltalok Geo-Modular bags to dramatically increase the sheer strength of the bag structure. The result is an interlocking soil mass that promotes and sustains vegetation.

Deltalok Interlocking Plates also provides a positive mechanical connection to geogrid in the construction of steep slopes and retaining wall structures where needed.



  • Friendly to fish and wildlife
  • Low Environment Impact (Low Carbon Footprint)
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Heat Island Effect Reduction
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sedimentation & Filtration Capabilities


  • Versatility to use for Walls and Slopes
  • Economical Transportation
  • Efficient Installation
  • No Levelling, Cutting or Waste
  • Flexible
  • Accept Many Types of Vegetation
  • Low Impact Construction