Our Group of Companies

Since 1980, we have successfully developed markets for a variety of different civil engineering products and have supplied more than US$300,000,000 worth of products to a number of prestigious projects.

With this experience, we have developed the unique Deltalok System which is patented and trademarked worldwide.

We are currently marketing the Deltalok System in South Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Iran, USA, Australia, New Zealand through our distributors, master distributors and our own companies.

The Deltalok System is a unique patented ecological engineering method with permanent structural strength without using concrete, wire mesh or formwork.

The Deltalok System is the only system that provides a vegetated face for slopes and walls in erosion control, slope repair, bank protection and earth retention applications.

The Deltalok System makes it possible to interlock soil bags, increasing the shear strength of the structure.

The Deltalok System is designed to provide a mechanical connection to geogrid for backfill reinforcement.

Deltalok System is the only system of its’ kind that offers the strength of stone and concrete with natural beauty – Build it GREEN