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Since 1980, we have successfully developed markets for a variety of different civil engineering products and have supplied more than US$300,000,000 worth of products to a number of prestigious projects.

With this experience, we have developed the unique Deltalok System which is patented and trademarked worldwide.


Why choose us?


Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling water or wind erosion in land development, especially in coastal areas. Some forms of erosion protection are required to prevent damage to infrastructures and disrupt operations at its surrounding areas. We provide the solution that helps to protect the surface from erosion and creates a nurturing environment where the grass root system stabilises and beautifies the structure.


The Deltalok Geo-modular Bag provides mini eco-pockets where rainwater can accumulate and seeds can germinate inside out through the front and back layer. The encroachment of roots into the soil serves similar functions like steel reinforcement embedded within a concrete structure. This solution provides a cost-effective method of retaining both soil and moisture on the slope, thereby promoting sustainable vegetation for permanent erosion protection.


This permanent solution minimizes loss of land where steeper slope or even vertical wall can be built. The flexibility behavior of the bag eliminates the chances of crack defects which is common in brittle concrete structure. This is a proven solution to help increase the strength, stiffness and durability of the wall, thereby making this permanent solution better than concrete.


This is the oldest wall built using Deltalok System since year 2002 in South Korea. The wall undergoes harsh weather like severe typhoons and heavy rain every monsoon season and still stands without any defect. The Deltalok System offers engineered solutions which turn the man-made structure into nature and it is a proven working solution in solving retaining structure problem.

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